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A letter from the CEO – January 2022

Catch up on highlights of what has been happening at SeyCCAT in 2021.

Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT) making strategic investments in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

SeyCCAT makes strategic investments in monitoring and evaluation.

A letter from the CEO – August 2021

Catch up on mid-year updates of what has been happening at SeyCCAT.

2020 – A Year in Review

2020 was a challenging year but there is still a lot to be grateful for. Read about our achievements and challenges.

Launch: 2017 – 2019 Blue Grants Fund Progress Report

Over SCR 15 million disbursed in 3 years – what have we invested in?

SeyCCAT Surviving Crisis – COVID-19

SeyCCAT was created to respond to the 2008 crisis, read how it adjusts to the COVID-19 crisis.

What has the Seychelles’ sovereign blue bond achieved since 2018?

The fisheries sector is second only to tourism in the Seychelles. The fisheries sector contributes significantly to the GDP and employs 17% of the population. According to the National Bureau of Statistics in 2018, Seychelles has seen a 116% increase in...

SeyCCAT’s contribution to Ocean Literacy

“Ocean literacy has been historically defined as “the understanding of human influence on the Ocean and the Ocean’s influence on people.” It is not only about increasing awareness on the state of the ocean, but it is also, about providing tools and...

What is blended finance?

Blended finance is a term we hear being used in the context of conservation funding. It is well-known that finance from governments will not be sufficient to achieve the sustainable development goals and therefore, there is a need to mobilise other sources...

Financing options to implement 400,000km2 of new Marine Protected Areas under the Seychelles Marine Spatial Plan

The Seychelles Marine Spatial Planning (SMSP) process is in full flow and preparing to complete its final milestone which will complete the 30% marine protection goal. As attention in 2020 moves from planning to implementation, SeyCCAT and SMSP have...

Results of the Willingness to Pay study 2019

Over the last 4 months, the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation, Valsen Consulting and the University of Seychelles have been working together to carry-out and finalize the Willingness to Pay (WTP) study, commissioned by SeyCCAT, to investigate the...

2019 – A Year in Review

  A year at a glance - 2019     Angelique Pouponneau, CEO of SeyCCAT   Dear friends,  What a year it has been! 2019 was nothing if not interesting with many firsts for the Trust. In 2019, we received many applications and did our best to make the...

Global Commons – where climate and the ocean meets.

Learn more about how SeyCCAT is advancing its 4th strategic objective of developing and implementing risk reduction and social resilience plans to adapt to the effects of climate change. Seychelles remains vulnerable to the impacts of climate change with its...

Gender in the Blue Grants Fund

June 2019 The work of the Seychelles’ Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT) is aligned to the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). SDG 5 seeks to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls at all levels. One of the...

Is SeyCCAT empowering the fisheries sector?

Our strategic objective is to empower the fisheries sector with robust science and knowhow to improve governance, sustainability, value and market options and supporting sustainable use zones.  Until recently, the artisanal fishery in the Seychelles remained largely...

Making Inclusion and Accessibility a Reality

Making it happen. For real. In 2019, SeyCCAT is piloting several new interventions to tackle the accessibility riddle. Accepting applications in Creole: In 2019, SeyCCAT translated the application form in Creole and started accepting applications in the local...

An Inclusive and Accessible Blue Economy

As high value blue economy deals are brokered by bankers, economists, government officials and impact investors, the question remains how the proceeds of these deals will benefit the marine environment and the coastal communities. Many philanthropic organisations that...


CEO Letter – May 2023

Today marks exactly one year since I joined SeyCCAT, and I would like to share what we have been up to this past year.

Interview with Jean-Francois Ferrari: Blue economy, fisheries and our shared development

Image courtesy of Africa Press, 2021 Like many other countries around the world, Seychelles is facing several overlapping crises. First, the post-pandemic recovery has been slower than anticipated, and the government is yet to regain its growth momentum. Then, the war...

Kelly Hoareau: How do we ensure equitable access to opportunities?

  The term “Blue Economy” has reached many coastal nations. Seychelles is often called a pioneer of the Blue Economy. To some it might seem that Seychelles has all this money to do all those blue things…but what are these blue things, where is this money coming...

The role of SeyCCAT – Science and Policy Interface

Angelique Pouponneau shares her reflections following the Science-Policy Interface roundtable discussions.

Ocean Story through a Seychellois Lens

Greetings from beautiful Seychelles! My name is Dillys and I am a future marine scientist, present filmmaker, and a forever Seychellois. I was lucky to be born in raised in a true island paradise, surrounded by turquoise ocean, granitic rocks, and so much...

Investing in Today for a Better Tomorrow

        International Youth Day on 12th August provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges affecting young men and women. Today’s generation of youth (people under 30 years old) comprises half of the world’s population and is the...

A letter from the CEO – August 2021

Catch up on mid-year updates of what has been happening at SeyCCAT.

The pathway to Building Better

This month we turn our attention to the 11th United Nations Sustainable Development Goal - a goal aspiring for inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities and communities. Considering the current unprecedented global population growth and urbanization rates,...

Ocean, Ocean, Everywhere

Working towards the 14th UN Sustainable Development Goal for Life Below Water The ocean feeds us, regulates our climate and generates most of the oxygen we breathe. Over 3 billion people depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods and for their...

Life on Land: Safe-guarding Biodiversity in Seychelles

It’s not only about ocean. SeyCCAT showcases its work on life on land, some water and some climate for World Biodiversity Day.


Sovereign Blue Bond - Our Evolution


SeyCCAT manages US$ 3 million of the proceeds of the Seychelles’ sovereign blue bond

Out of the Blue by Latham & Watkins

Seychelles’ blue bondinfographic

Seychelles achieves World’s first with sovereign blue bond by The World Bank

Q&As on the Seychelles’ blue bond

Blue Economy and Blue Bonds: An overview of the concepts and the pioneering case of Seychelles by Stuart Laing in Seychelles Research Journal.


2020: SeyCCAT celebrates 5 years