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Angelique Pouponneau, the CEO of SeyCCAT, was invited to speak at the Africa Blue Economy Forum, which took place on the 25-26th of June in Tunis, Tunisia. There, she shared insights on how the Trust and the Development Bank of Seychelles manage the portfolio of $15 million to maximize the benefit for Seychelles’ Blue Economy.

Victoria, June 27 – Chief Executive of SeyCCAT, Angelique Pouponneau, was invited to the Africa Blue Economy Forum to provide insights on how the Trust and the Development Bank of Seychelles manage the $15 million to create shared blue prosperity. She also used this opportunity to introduce the current projects and highlight their critical role for the development of sustainable fisheries and the blue economy.

In November 2018, Seychelles was recognized as the Champion of the Blue Economy in Africa and has since taken initiatives to develop continental Blue Economy framework. At this year’s Forum, there was significant interest in Seychelles’ engagement in innovative financing for ocean solutions, in particular, in the first sovereign $15 million blue bond, issued by The Republic of Seychelles in October 2018.

“SeyCCAT is an example of how access to finance for private sector and local communities plays a critical role in creating a shared ownership of the blue economy”- said Pouponneau. She closed her presentation by underlining that there is no blue economy without a healthy ocean and that we should step up our conservation and protection of the marine areas.


On the sidelines of the Forum, Pouponneau participated in a Blue Economy Symposium hosted by the Murdoch University and bilateral consultations with other participants interested in the blue bond and possibilities of collaboration and work in Seychelles.

SeyCCAT extends its gratitude to the Government of Seychelles for facilitating the participation of Angelique Pouponneau in the Forum. SeyCCAT was a partner of Blue Jay Communications for ABEF 2019.

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