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Victoria (July 6th, 2020) – The Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT) has launched its fourth call for proposals under the Blue Grants Fund (BGF).  It is now inviting applications for funds through a competitive “Request for Proposals” process. This year, SeyCCAT finances projects that fall under any of the three strategic objectives:

  • Strategic Objective 1: Support new and existing marine and coastal protected areas and sustainable use zones
  • Strategic Objective 2: Empower the fisheries sector with robust science and know-how to improve governance, sustainability, value and market options.
  • Strategic Objective 5: Trial and nurture business models to secure the sustainable development of Seychelles’ blue economy.

The specific types of project that SeyCCAT is financing this year can be found here.

Projects can be submitted that require either small/medium grants up to SCR 100,000, or large grants between SCR 100,000 and SCR 1,000,000. SeyCCAT anticipates dispersing approximately SCR 12.8 million through this fourth Blue Grants Fund announcement.

Any locally registered NGO or CSO, businesses, parastatal organization, government agencies or departments, and citizens of Seychelles may submit a proposal, as long as they have legally existed and operated in the Seychelles for a minimum of one year. The deadline for concept notes for the fourth call is August 10, 2020.

Angelique Pouponneau, the CEO of SeyCCAT, said: “This year, we have had to adjust our process to the new normal. While we cannot host in-person information sessions, we are turning to the digital formats that are even more inclusive and accessible. All training materials, application manuals and webinars will be available online at www.seyCCAT.org and on pen drives that can be collected from the SeyCCAT offices. Anyone can access them from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, we will be happy to offer support over the phone, on a one-on-one basis.”

Full details about SeyCCAT, the application process, and the specific request for proposals can be found online at www.seyccat.org . Shall you need further assistance, please reach SeyCCAT office at 432 5806 or email info@seyccat.org