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QR code and the link to join the WhatsApp Q&A group

How to: open the camera on your smartphone and point it at the code below, it should prompt a link to redirect you to the WhatsApp group. If it doesn’t work, send us your phone number at info@seyccat.org and we will add you. If you are viewing this page from your mobile device simply click here







BGF6 presentation

All you need to know about the Blue Grants Fund

BGF6 Presentation


BGF Application Guideline Simple 

To give you an overview of the application process in simple terms

SeyCCAT BGF Application Guide 2020

BGF Workshops Application Manual 

A detailed how-to guide used at the workshops (click to download)

Additional Resources:

  • Think of monitoring and evaluation from the design phase, here are some M&E- Top Tips to ensure you deliver impact.
  •  Have you been asked to provide an environmental and social management plan? See FBOA-ESMP_24022020 . (We will inform you if you require this).