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Photo credits : Top picture and bottom right picture – Jeanne A Mortimer, bottom left picture – Angelique Pouponneau

The first workshop of the project, titled “Blue Carbon – Seagrass Habitats in Seychelles: the state of knowledge” was held on 2nd -3rd March 2020, and focused primarily on a conversation with scientists and government officials. Many of the stakeholders and partners who will participate in the programme or benefit from its activities and outputs attended. Workshop events also included a seagrass snorkel field trip led by Dr Mortimer on the second day. Amongst the goals and achievements of the workshop were the following:

  • Summarized the state of knowledge on seagrass and other blue carbon habitats (such as mangroves).
  • Identified gaps, opportunities, and partners for the new blue carbon project.
  • Introduced local stakeholders to the project and established their role within it.
  • Familiarized local stakeholders with policy and scientific elements of the project.

For more on the existing work that has taken place in the Seychelles on seagrass,

  1. SeyCCAT’s Coastal Wetlands and Climate Change Project
  2. The PEW Charitable Trust Fund – Seychelles Presentation
  3. TNC – Scaling Climate Ambitions with Blue Carbon_Bridging Science and Policy
  4. Blue Carbon Finance Opportunities BERI
  5. Seagrass Ecosystems in Seychelles
  6. MCSS Seagrass Distribution Change Anse Royale 1998-2011
  7. Mapping of Shallow  Benthic Habitats around Praslin Island Jude Bijoux
  8. University of Oxford  – The global outlook on seagrass and mapping seagrass (pt1)
  9. University of Oxford – Overview of seagrass in Seychelles_project (pt2)
  10. Seagrass Meadows – BERI_UNISEY

For full access to the presentations, please go to the dropbox link – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lg2fwgzpjppz7w1/AADgSVf4KyG0Fs1E0UdOVKQTa?dl=0

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