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Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT) strategically invests in ocean stakeholders to generate new learning, bold action and sustainable blue prosperity in Seychelles. SeyCCAT is more than a project donor. It is not just what we do that is important to us, it is how we do it that matters too. We envision for Seychelles’ ocean and islands to be stewarded by the people of Seychelles, generating sustainable benefits for future generations to share.  We create the space for new ideas, help those ideas evolve, forge new creative collaborations, and boost individual and collective impact.

Nature-based Solutions require funding; innovative funding

  The Forum of the Standing Committee on Finance (SCF), is the latest platform where Seychelles showcased its debt-for-nature swap for ocean...

A promising future for Seychelles’ Seagrass

Seychelles has always delivered on its marine conservation promises – and its seagrass is no exception Coastal wetlands, along with other natural...

Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT) making strategic investments in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

SeyCCAT makes strategic investments in monitoring and evaluation.

Ocean Story through a Seychellois Lens

Greetings from beautiful Seychelles! My name is Dillys and I am a future marine scientist, present filmmaker, and a forever Seychellois....

Investing in Today for a Better Tomorrow

        International Youth Day on 12th August provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges affecting young men...

BGF 5: Summary of the fifth call for proposals

In 2021, SeyCCAT hosted the fifth call for proposals for the Blue Grants Fund. The call took place over six weeks and concluded on the 11th of June....

A letter from the CEO – August 2021

Catch up on mid-year updates of what has been happening at SeyCCAT.

SeyCCAT secures US$4.7 million from international donors for sustainable management of new MPAs

SeyCCAT secures US$ 4.7 million to support the enabling of the Seychelles Marine Spatial Plan.

The pathway to Building Better

This month we turn our attention to the 11th United Nations Sustainable Development Goal - a goal aspiring for inclusive, safe, resilient and...

 Sooty Tern Satellite Tracking Project assists with identifying potential areas for marine protection

The results are in! Where did the Sooty Terns go? Find out here.

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Opportunities: October 2021

Opportunities The following opportunities are available: December 2021 A quality and standards officer for the Waste Enforcement & Permits Division within the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate change and Environment SeyCCAT seeks to recruit a Quality...

Opportunity: Intern with a small but dynamic team and contribute a positive impact to the islands of the Seychelles.

SWIOFish3 Grievance Redress Mechanism

Complaint resolution system for the SWIOFish3 project and project activities financed through the BGF disbursed by SeyCCAT and BIF disbursed by DBS.

Blue Carbon habitats Survey

If you have interacted with Blue Carbon habitats (i.e. Seagrass or Mangrove ecosystems) in Seychelles, either through a social, political, ecological or scientific context, take this survey.

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Our dedicated facilitators can be there every step of the way to ensure that you receive the support you need, by way of mentoring and training, as you work through the application process.