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You and the Trust

We are the only public-private Trust in Seychelles with an Act (CCAT, 2015) that governs what we do and how we do it. We welcome working with partners on our mission to strategically invest in ocean stakeholders to generate new learning, bold action and sustainable blue prosperity in Seychelles.

Here at SeyCCAT we believe in the power of partnerships and we are always on the lookout for new ways to be creative in what we do.  We know the world is changing rapidly and that the islands of Seychelles are no exception, and that is why we believe in working with an emergent mindset.

That is of course easier said than done, but it is also a shout out to say that our doors and inboxes are open – we want to hear from anyone who feels they can contribute to SeyCCAT.  Whether that is a novel idea, an environmental solution that could be enabled if it had the right resource or partners, a proposition to work with us, or to support us, we want to hear from you.  Any idea is a potential contribution to the Trust and the mission of SeyCCAT to “invest in Seychelles’ blue future”.


Intern with Us

SeyCCAT offers unique internship opportunities for exceptional students and university graduates to learn about impactful sustainable finance all year long. Interns receive real-world hands-on experience in conservation financing in one of the world’s leading countries in innovative financing for sustainable development.

Interested in applying, find more here.

Our Endowment

Our endowment is our future. We regard this asset as a treasure to our mission. Our finance committee is responsible for ensuring its security and growth and we achieve that through investments that align with our mission and that are ESG-screened.

If you would like to meet or extend your current philanthropic goals by contributing to our endowment, or make a planned gift (such as a bequest) for the future, please contact us to discuss how you can support an “investment in Seychelles’ blue future”.