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Who can apply

Request for proposals document for 2022:

RFP BGF6 Creole Eng

The following categories may submit a proposal to SeyCCAT:

  • Any locally-registered NGO
  • Businesses
  • Parastatal organisation
  • Government departments or agencies
  • All citizens of Seychelles

Proposers must have legally existed and operated in Seychelles for a minimum of one year. 

Note on the eligibility requirements for the large grants:

The large grants are reserved for NGOs, and other entities with a proven track record of managing large projects and formal financial and accounting systems in place. Individuals and businesses are not eligible to apply for large grants.

Overseas-based applicants

We actively seek to support “creative collaborations.” Overseas-based organisations are not eligible, although proposals from eligible local organisations may include overseas-based partners. Proposals must also be compliant with Environmental and Social Safeguards, if applied by SeyCCAT.

Our due diligence policy requires us to screen the legal status of applicants – before applying to SeyCCAT you should check that you are able to satisfy the screening criteria by the date of disbursement.

Project requirements