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Environmental and Social Safeguards

Environmental and Social Safeguards

When you are designing your project, think about the risks associated with it.  Will you be working in nature? Will it involved removing fragments of nature? Will you take others with you? Do they also, know how not to hurt themselves or the biodiversity they are working with?

Here are some tips:

E&S – Do and Don’ts

E&S – flow chart guide

Simple Tips for Environmental and Social Safeguards

Had a think – now make a plan! Here is the template for mitigation measures and the environmental and social management plan.

Mitigation measures Template, See example – 20191113 – Allen Boniface – ESMP_Clean_Final

Simplified ESMP Template

Here is an example of an Environmental and social management planClick here

Also ensure you review the following Environmental & Social and Safety guidance as projects must also be compliant with these standards.

  1. Environmental and social safeguards
  2. Generic impacts guidance
  3. Construction and health and safety requirements
  4. Environmental and Social Management Framework
  5. 20191218_Addendum ESMF_signed
  6. Process Framework

We want to be transparent! So here is everything you need to know about the environmental and social safeguards screening and compliance process!