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SeyCCAT secures US$4.7 million from international donors for sustainable management of new MPAs

  We are happy to announce that SeyCCAT has brokered agreements with international donors to support the newly designated Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).   The Blue Nature Alliance, The Nature Conservancy, Oceans5 and the Waitt Institute have committed over US$...

 Sooty Tern Satellite Tracking Project assists with identifying potential areas for marine protection

Dr Rachel Bristol and her project partners Professor Chris Feare and Christine Larose brought their innovative project to a close with a Zoom presentation to share the findings of the first satellite tracking of Sooty Terns project in Seychelles on Friday...

Waitt Institute supports SeyCCAT’s next phase of Business Plan Development.

With the SMSP entering its implementation phase, SeyCCAT is now working to transition to the next phase of its evolution.

The Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT) has announced the recipients of the Large Grants under the fourth cycle of the Blue Grants Fund.

SeyCCAT announces the recipients of the BGF4 large grants.

The Blue Grants Fund of SeyCCAT is now accepting applications from Seychelles-based sustainable blue projects.

SeyCCAT opens its 5th Blue Grants Fund cycle.

Training Session – Recording Available

Join one of our Concept Note Preparation Training

SeyCCAT is announcing a new SCR 150,000 grant that supports start-ups and entrepreneurs who advance conservation and sustainability practices in Seychelles.

SeyCCAT partners with Trois Freres Distillery to offer a new Blue Business Grant.

SeyCCAT’s quest to find a Seychellois Creole word for seagrass

The Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust has launched an exercise to identify Seychellois Creole words for seagrass and its five lifeforms.

The Ocean-Climate Ambition Summit

The Government of Seychelles co-hosts the Ocean-Climate Ambition Summit and reaffirms their position on the need to strengthen the nexus between ocean and climate within the UNFCCC processes.

2020 – A Year in Review

2020 was a challenging year but there is still a lot to be grateful for. Read about our achievements and challenges.

Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT) announces the recipients of this year’s small grants from the Blue Grants Fund.

Seven small-medium grants were approved by the SeyCCAT Board.

Join our SeyCCAT@5 Exhibition

9-14th November at the National History Museum

SeyCCAT @5 Webinar

Flagship SeyCCAT@5 webinar: Partnerships for ocean conservation and climate action

More funds mobilized for Seychelles’ new marine protection areas

Jidda Bittner makes a donation to strengthen the high biodiversity no-take zones through a management framework.

Last week to apply for the Blue Grants Fund #4

SeyCCAT is entering the last week of the 2020 application window for the Blue Grants Fund #4. Make sure to submit your application.