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Ocean Story through a Seychellois Lens

Greetings from beautiful Seychelles! My name is Dillys and I am a future marine scientist, present filmmaker, and a forever Seychellois. I was lucky to be born in raised in a true island paradise, surrounded by turquoise ocean, granitic rocks, and so much...

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Investing in Today for a Better Tomorrow

        International Youth Day on 12th August provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges affecting young men and women. Today’s generation of youth (people under 30 years old) comprises half of the world’s population and is the...

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BGF 5: Summary of the fifth call for proposals

In 2021, SeyCCAT hosted the fifth call for proposals for the Blue Grants Fund. The call took place over six weeks and concluded on the 11th of June. The fifth funding cycle received 54 applications with a total requested amount of SCR 49.6 million.   This year,...

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SeyCCAT attends IORA’s Blue Carbon Finance Think Tank

Blue Carbon is becoming a buzz word in the Indian Ocean and internationally. Blue Carbon refers to the Carbon Dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change that is captured and stored in marine/coastal ecosystems. These ecosystems are inclusive of...

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SeyCCAT attends COP 25

Angelique Pouponneau, the CEO of SeyCCAT, attended the 25th Conference of the Parties held in Madrid, which took place from the 26th November to 13th December in Madrid, Spain. There, she was invited to speak at a number of side events about...

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Exploring Grants Financing in Seychelles

Friday 15th November, SeyCCAT convened a meeting of organisations providing grants financing in Seychelles. Following three years of grants-making, SeyCCAT felt it was necessary to meet with others with grants making experience to share best practice and lessons...

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