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The Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT) has launched the eighth call for proposals under the Blue Grants Fund (BGF), a unique opportunity for you to make a significant impact. We invite all interested applicants to submit their project proposals before May 27, 2024. 

Each cycle, SeyCCAT announces the strategic objectives under which local organisations, businesses, or individuals may submit their project proposals. This year, we are seeking to invest in projects under strategic objectives one, three, and five to tackle specific areas of national priority.

The first strategic objective, which focuses on supporting marine-protected areas, has in the past been open to all local organisations and individuals. However, in this cycle, the priority is to reinforce the management efforts of marine protected areas. Therefore, under this particular objective, we are accepting project proposals exclusively from authorities managing these areas.

The other two objectives, which concern the building of resilience to climate change and the trial of new blue business ventures, are, however, open to all locally registered organisations, businesses and individuals.

In addition, project proposals may support at least one of the cross-cutting themes: research and development, management and implementation, policy and advocacy, education, training and outreach.

With BGF 8, SeyCCAT is looking to disburse SCR 15.4 million in total. Grant sizes range from small (up to SCR 100,000) to medium (up to SCR 1 million) and large grants (up to SCR 2 million).

To apply for the fund, locally registered non-profits, majority Seychellois-owned businesses, parastatal organisations, government agencies or departments must have legally existed and operated in Seychelles for a minimum of one year.

The application deadline is 5 PM on May 27, 2024. Get the full Request for Proposal here.

Have questions? Reach us at info@seyccat.org or call us at +248 432 5806