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Angelique Pouponneau, the CEO of SeyCCAT, attended the 25th Conference of the Parties held in Madrid, which took place from the 26th November to 13th December in Madrid, Spain. There, she was invited to speak at a number of side events about innovative financing and the impact that the Trust has helped achieve in local communities in the Seychelles. Pouponneau is also, a trained climate change negotiator, and has been supporting the Seychelles delegation with negotiations on loss and damage. 

13th December 2019 –  At COP 25, dubbed the “Blue COP” provided a perfect opportunity for showcasing innovative solutions to address both ocean conservation and climate adaptation. Pouponneau was invited as a guest speaker to several side events. These included,

a) “Fighting Poverty in the Face of Climate Change – what is the role of oceans?” –  organised by the World Bank Group.

b) “Leading the charge on climate action – Joint NDC Partnership Plan Launch” – organised by the NDC Partnership

c) “SIDS at the forefront of climate action – Ambitious NDCs to Halt warming at 1.5 C” – organised by UN-OHRLLS

d) Intergenerational dialogue with the Commonwealth Secretary -General – organised by the Commonwealth Secretariat

As the Seychelles plans for its updated and enhanced NDC, SeyCCAT will play a pivotal role to support the integration of coastal wetlands in the NDCs, in particular, seagrass. This new pioneering ocean initiative by the Seychelles Government was announced on the first day of COP – Read more.

SeyCCAT featured in the Nairobi Work Programme. Additionally, Pouponneau joined two other high level events to represent the views of the Seychelles on transforming tourism for climate action, and on the realities of loss and damage and what financing opportunities exist nationally. She was also, invited by the UNFCCC Secretariat to moderate the review of the Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss and Damage. Highlights of Pouponneau’s time in Madrid also, includes meeting with Sylvia Earle in preparation for her visit to the Seychelles.