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Photo Credit: Dylis Pouponeau

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SeyCCAT strategic objective: Empower the fisheries sector with robust science and knowhow to improve governance, sustainability, value and market options

Lead Project Partner: Dillys Pouponeau


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The lack of education and awareness on the environment especially the marine environment is one of the major causes of environmental problems as people are not aware of the impacts of daily activities. Over the years environmental organizations in Seychelles have been working to raise awareness on our environment targeting mostly schools. However, not all age groups are reached which is why unsustainable activities still remain.

Education and awareness of the marine environment are reaching and capturing the attention of a large number of people around the world through films and photography, especially on social media platforms targeting different age groups. Social media platforms are indeed a great way for delivering this information, however, it is a matter of understanding and people seems to be more passionate when they see how they are related e.g. in their own country or neighbourhood and also when it is delivered in their mother tongue.

In Seychelles, documentation of our marine environment is very limited, with the main reason being the extremely high cost of underwater equipment to produce high-quality contents due to the complications of making equipment’s waterproof, as water (especially salt) and technology do not go well together. Cheap alternatives do exist though they are not appropriate for documentation as people are less impressed with the quality since the quality of major popular international documentaries such as Nat Geo, BBC i.e. Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries are really good and really captures people’s attention. I believe that in Seychelles we should use these platforms to pass on information to the public (all age groups) with a quality that would not only catch but also hold the public’s attention. I believe we should aim towards the direction of Nat Geo or BBC in terms of quality contents delivered, which is clearly catching the attention of many Seychellois; hence successfully passing on the information.

I intend to start my own business as a freelance underwater filmmaker and produce an underwater documentary series (one of many) to raise awareness on different topics related to the ocean. The documentary will be in Creole with English subtitles, comprising of different episodes with the aim to educate the public on the ocean, marine species (sharks, turtles, corals, invertebrates, fish and other species under threat, climate change, the importance of the ocean, marine habitats such as mangroves, threats to the ocean and how human activities affects the ocean e.g. activities on land, water sports, unsustainable fishing practices, plastics pollution, marine conservation work etc…

The documentary series which will be filmed in a different location in Seychelles will be uploaded on my business’ YouTube channel, will be shareable of different social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc… The documentary will not only be for Seychellois, and will also be a chance to promote Seychelles as one of the best dive destinations in the Indian ocean, which is not well documented. Telesesel, a local TV platform, has also agreed to showcase the documentary on their platform to reach more people. Other platforms like SBC or probably international platforms in the region may also be reached in due time.

It is expected that the documentary changes people’s mindset and make them more conscious of the state of our environment hoping to switch from unsustainable practices and be more involved in the conservation of the marine environment.

Photo Credit: Dylis Pouponeau

SeyCCAT funds:  SCR 529, 686


Duration: 12 months

Project Application Form:  Dillys Pouponeau- Nou lanmer ble

Environment and Social management plan: 20200220-Dillys Pouponneau-ESMP

With a grant from Greenpeace, Dillys shares her story – watch it here.