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Type: Small

SeyCCAT strategic objective: 2

Lead Project Partner: Laura Valentino

Partners: Deborah Valentino

Summary: With the focus on education on the different endemic species of Seychelles. I would like to publish two children book, on the endemic species of Seychelles. The first book will be focusing on different birds and their habitat, including seabirds. The second book will be about the mangroves and the animals that live in this habitat. The aim is to provide a storyline about ‘real-life facts’ of these animals in their habitat. So that children from a young age can have the book read to them in their native language Kreol. However, I will also like to make the book available in five different languages this being In order of demand: Kreol, English, French, Italian, and German.

The book will provide an illustration of real-life qualities to paint an idea of the habitat. the children will be able to read about animals in the Seychelles ecosystem in an interesting storytelling way.

After publishing the book, the applicant intends to undertake reading classes in every public school in Seychelles. She will also, be donating 10 books per school. The books will be made available in four different languages, including, Kreol, French, English and if there are demand Italian and German. The book is meant to strengthen knowledge about animals and how they survive in their habitat. I trust that providing enough information in a fun way can help children retain this information, and also learning key life morals.

This project is necessary to encourage kids to read about animals and plants that are in their surroundings. it will strengthen the knowledge of endemic species, why they are important and how these animals strive in these specific habitats. As a small island nation surrounded by such natural beauties and luckily enough growing up here, it is essential for kids to learn about their surroundings at a young age. Gifting these kids these different books can inspire them to connect to the environment around them.

SeyCCAT funds:  SCR 100,000

Co-financing: N/A

Duration: 12 months, starting March 2021

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