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Many tourism dependent island States experience high pressure on the natural environment, which is often the very core of their tourism product. Therefore sustainable management and protection mechanisms are required, which limit and prevent negative effects of tourism on the natural environment and ensure that the destination’s core assets remain competitive and protected for generations to come. Many SIDS apply a green fee as part of their arrival or departure tax for tourists. SeyCCAT has selected a consortium consisting of the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation (SSTF), Valsen Consulting and UniSey to conduct a Willingness to Pay (WTP) survey to determine the feasibility of adding an environmental levy to Seychelles’ existing departure fee.

In light of recent developments this study comes at a crucial moment in time, to map the current fee collection system applied by different stakeholders in the inner and outer islands, to understand the implications of the newly applied and recently approved new fees and to determine in which way SeyCCAT can contribute to a transparent and equal dispersion of the funds into projects of direct benefit for the sustainability of the tourism industry.

The survey questionnaire will be based on a methodology developed by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and applied successfully in other SIDS, which will be adapted to the Seychelles context. The survey will aim for a representative sample of tourists from the Seychelles islands and will be conducted until the end of August. Apart from the visitor survey, the study is also currently mapping existing levies and fees in the inner and outer islands, as well as past plans or initiatives to introduce similar. First results from the study will be presented at the end of October. SeyCCAT and the WTP survey consortium welcome any feedback and will reach out to different stakeholder groups throughout the course of the study. Reach out to info@seyccat.org.