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We are pleased to share that SeyCCAT has been selected as the leading programme partner (‘convening agent’) for the Global Fund for Coral Reefs (GFCR) in Seychelles under the title of the Ocean’s Resolve.

In this capacity, SeyCCAT is responsible for the development of a work program for the Ocean’s Resolve, which includes the identification of investment-ready projects, as well as building a pipeline of investable projects for the future.

As the first step in the programme preparation, SeyCCAT has initiated a series of consultations with local policymakers, civil society organizations, scientists and academia, and broader Seychellois community. Inputs from these stakeholders will help inform the GFCR work programme, identify existing financing gaps, and spotlight local circumstances that could facilitate or hinder the GFCR program implementation.

Upon completion of the stakeholder consultations, SeyCCAT will finalize the Ocean’s Resolve programme and submit to GFCR Executive Board for consideration. Pending approval, programme implementation is expected to commence in 2023.


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