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Photo credits Left picture – Krishna Ashok, Wise Oceans, Two smaller pictures on the right – Jeanne A Mortimer


The ugly duckling of the marine world

scientist lovingly calls me

an ecosystem on the decline

my legacy though is to sustain life

of our precious underwater world

Please don’t let me die

The ocean nursery for all

A climate change fighter

I clean I protect I stabilize

In my habitats I feed all

A protector day in day out

Please don’t let me die

Everlasting purifier

Your carbon I swallow

I am the enemy of erosion

I am the perfect buffer

Protector of the vulnerable

Please don’t let me die

Listen to my whispers

Speaking of the wonders

The timeless cleaning

The everlasting protecting

Of your world under the sea

Please don’t let me die.


 By Tara Michel (International School, Seychelles)

This is a submission from “The Voice of Seagrass Meadows” poem and poster competition.