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Victoria (11 May, 2021) – The Board of SeyCCAT has finalised the selection of the large grants (up to SCR 1 million) recipients under the fourth funding cycle of the Blue Grants Fund (BGF).

This year, the BGF received 60 applications for large grants for a total amount of SCR 52,736,874.76. 18 applicants have been invited to submit their full project proposals, and of those, 5 final applicants have been recommended for the Board’s approval, with the total requested funds of SCR 4,990, 029:

  1. ElectriSEAty Sesel 2030. This project proposes to assess the potential of marine energy for electricity production that can be extracted from wave, mapping of water characteristics around 3 inner islands and long-term observation network for SMA and share data to government MDAs.

Submitted by Seychelles Energy Commission

Grant value: SCR1,000,000

  1. High-resolution 2D / 3D coastal mapping and monitoring using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry techniques on the island of Mahé

Submitted by Jonathan Pinchart

Grant value: SCR999,955

  1. Communication for Change (Comm4Change – C4C) Production of communication tools about Aldabra and good practices of marine protected areas.

Submitted by Seychelles Island Foundation

Grant value: SCR1,000,000

  1. Research and Development of Hatchery Culture of the Tropical Echinoderm HOLOTHURIA SCABRA and HOLOTHURIA sp. “PENTARD” in the Republic Of Seychelles for the consequent application in Commercial Production and Novel Pharmaceutical substances and medicines.

Submitted by Harmony Investments  

Grant value: SCR 999,534.80

  1. Feasibility study to determine the economic viability to operate a rock-oyster farm for commercial purposes in Seychelles

Submitted by Jacques Belle

Grant value: SCR 999,500

In addition to the large grants, the BGF has received 15 small/medium (up to SCR 100,000) applicants of a total of SCR 1,467,993. Of those, 7 have been approved by the Board with a total of SCR 781,993. Composition of the grantees include: 1 Non-governmental organisation (Wise Ocean Seychelles) and 7 Individuals (Sheena Talma, Robert Mondon, Susan Ansell, Marcus Valentin, Mariette Dine & Laura Valentino)

Through the Blue Grants Fund, SeyCCAT offers the Seychellois community a chance to finance sustainable blue project ideas. The fund offers small/medium grants up to SCR 100,000, or large grants between SCR 100,000 and SCR 1,000,000. This year, the Trust received a record 75 applications with a total requested value of SCR 53 million. For many applicants, it was the first experience with crafting a grants request submission.

Angelique Pouponneau, the CEO of SeyCCAT, said: “This year has been record-breaking for the Blue Grants Fund. Despite the global pandemic and primarily using the digital mode, we have received nearly twice more applications. We are happy to see the numbers growing as these projects will contribute to the post-covid recovery and the building back better agenda. The pandemic clearly showed that Seychelles need to shift to a more diversified model with a strong private sector. The economic model that is also sustainable and climate-resilient, because pandemic or not, the climate is still changing, and the strategic priorities remain at the top of our agenda. The BGF offers crucial financing to act on these ambitions”, – she added.