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Five years ago, on the 24th of September 2015, the Government of Seychelles submitted its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution, its climate action plan, to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This was in anticipation of the conclusion of a  universal agreement that would address climate change.

This plan was created using a participatory multi-stakeholder and cross-sectoral consultative process where governmental and non-governmental stakeholders were engaged and consulted.

The INDC communicates to the UNFCCC and other parties and stakeholders of the plans of Seychelles in addressing climate change. The plans of Seychelles included both mitigation and adaptation, but with emphasis on adaptation given the vulnerability of the island nation.

  1. Mitigation contributions

The absolute economy-wide emission reductions covering public electricity, land transport and solid waste management energy, the country intends to reduce its economy-wide absolute GHG emissions by 122.5 ktCO2e (21.4%) in 2025 and estimated 188 ktCO2e in 2030 (29.0%) relative to baseline emissions. The cost of achieving the emission reduction objective in 2030 in the energy, transport and waste sectors have been estimated to be at least US $309 million.

2.       Adaptation contributions

Despite the lack of data and research on the exact impact of climate change on Seychelles, Seychelles clearly faces challenges with resilient infrastructure, agriculture, fisheries, tourism and coastline protection to energy and water security, biodiversity, waste management and human health and well-being. There is a need for long-term planning for adaptation. It is estimated that the cost of implementing adaptation measures is at least US $295 million.

For Seychelles to meet its aspirations in the nationally determined contributions, it will require domestic and international support, to cater for finance, capacity-building, technology development and transfer. Without these, Seychelles, a small island developing state, will struggle to realise its contributions.

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Seychelles submits climate action plan ahead of 2015 Paris Accord