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Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) is a management approach that strengthens the delivery of projects. It involves the frequent collection of information and evidence about the performance of a project (monitoring), and assessment, usually mid-way through, or at the end of a project to understand what results have been achieved (evaluation). M&E can bring tremendous value to project implementation and strategy delivery by providing insights into what has been achieved, and by providing the opportunity for critical reflection and learning to improve the delivery of results.

SeyCCAT is a ground-breaking organisation for Seychelles. An independent public-private trust that is mandated to channel the proceeds of Seychelles’ debt for nature swap, and the world’s first sovereign blue-bond, into climate change adaptation and conservation work. SeyCCAT works with and through national stakeholders. The organisation recognises the responsibility it has to ensure effective and transparent use of public funds for the benefit of Seychelles’ oceans, islands, and people.

In the context of SeyCCAT’s work and the innovative blue finance resources that it has responsibility for, the organisation is making strategic investments in its M&E approach and capabilities. In 2021, with the support of the GEF/World Bank-funded SWIOFish3 project, SeyCCAT has developed a strategic results framework. This M&E tool provides SeyCCAT with a set of performance and management indicators that allow the organisation to gather data on results achieved, to learn and adapt, and to report to partners, funders, and stakeholders on the organisation’s impact. With the support of the Seychelles’ government, SeyCCAT has recruited an M&E Officer. This staff member will strengthen the organisation’s ability to understand the impact of the projects that it funds and feed learning from these projects back into the development of new projects and the evolution of SeyCCAT’s strategy and goals.


In 2021 to demonstrate its commitment to learning and improving, and delivering impact for Seychelles, SeyCCAT commissioned two independent organisational level reviews of its work. The first is a Mid-Term Review of the SeyCCAT strategy 2018-2022. The second is an impact evaluation of projects funded by the organisation between 2015 and 2020. The MTR highlighted the success SeyCCAT has had in disbursing $1.9m in funding to NGOs, Seychellois citizens, businesses, government organisations and parastatals through its Blue Grants Fund (BGF), and in leveraging $2.7m in co-financing for BGF projects. It also highlighted the success the organisation has had in raising $5.3m from international donors to support the implementation of Seychelles’ Marine Spatial Plan (MSP) and the country meeting its commitments under the Paris Climate Change agreement. This funding will primarily support multistakeholder projects managed by SeyCCAT itself, with $500k channelled through the BGF. The MTR has also highlighted areas where SeyCCAT can strengthen its approach to meeting national stakeholder needs. The impact evaluation will provide the opportunity for SeyCCAT to understand how investments made through the BGF have translated to results on the ground in the Seychelles and identify ways to strengthen the delivery of this national grant program.



SeyCCAT envisions that Seychelles’ oceans and islands are stewarded by the people of the Seychelles to generate sustainable benefits for all. It is committed to investing in national stakeholders and developing strong and lasting creative collaborations that advance sustainability, climate change adaptation, nature conservation and blue economic prosperity. Investing strategically in M&E is part of this commitment to the people and wildlife of the Seychelles, and the organisation’s partners and donors both nationally and around the world.

For further information please contact SeyCCAT’s CEO, Angelique Pouponneau.