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In October 2021, SeyCCAT joined the community of global shapers at Expo2020 in Dubai to share its innovative work on marine conservation and thesustainable use of blue resources. 




Annike Faure and Dr. Ameer Ebrahim traveled to the United Arab Emirates to present the Blue Bond and Seagrass projects. During her TED Talk-style session, Annike shared the stories of four fisheries projects financed with the proceeds on the Blue Bond. The presentation highlighted the Voluntary Fisheries Closure, Impact Assessment of Artisanal Fisheries on Species of Local Concern, and the Sea Cucumber Cultivation study. The three projects have received grants from SeyCCAT’s Blue Grants Fund facility, making a strong case for wider adoption of innovative financing to support small-scale and artisanal fisheries. (see full presentation here)





Dr. Ameer shared with the international audience scientific insights into the importance of seagrass. Seagrass offers crucial environmental services, supporting biodiversity and providing habitat for marine life. In addition, seagrass acts as a carbon sink absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. Recently, seagrass has been included in Seychelles’ Nationally Determined Contribution as an additional climate change mitigation measure.