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The Africa Climate Summit & Africa Climate Week 2023 was held between 03-06th September 2023 in Kenya. This week long event was hosted by the Government of Kenya and the African Union Commission. The summit, first of its kind, aimed at addressing the increasing exposure to climate change and its associated costs, both globally and particularly in Africa. The Summit which was very well attended by over 20 Heads of States, Ministers and other high-level delegations served as a platform to inform, frame, and influence commitments, pledges, and outcomes. The main outcome of the Summit was the adoption of a High-level Nairobi Declaration.

SeyCCAT, represented by its CEO Ms Marie-May Jeremie and Project Manager Ms Annike Faure was part of the Seychelles delegation. The delegation was headed by Minister responsible for Climate Change and also SeyCCAT Chair H.E Flavien Joubert. Whilst  there SeyCCAT was fully engaged in the summit and climate week through various events, receptions, bilateral platforms and initiatives to help leverage regional engagement on matters pertaining to climate change resilience, blue carbon ecosystems and financial mechanisms.

On the third of September 2023, ahead of the ACW, SeyCCAT in collaboration with the Government of Seychelles, Pew Trust, and NDC partnership hosted a workshop entitled ‘ Blue Carbon Mangrove and Seagrass Ecosystems- supporting evidence based targets for enhanced NDC ambition across the Western Indian Ocean’. This event was well attended by representatives of government and organisations in the region.

The technical workshop was followed by a reception whereby Minister Flavien Joubert delivered a keynote address. In his address the Minister encouraged other countries in the region to embark on seagrass mapping project. Director at Pew Trust  Mr Simon Reddy also delivered his remarks and commended SeyCCAT and Seychelles for the successful completion of the Seagrass mapping and carbon assessment project.

Minister Flavien Joubert delivering his keynote address at the reception.

Mr Simon Reddy from PEW Charitable Trust giving his reflections on the Seagrass Project.