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Type: Small

SeyCCAT strategic objective: 4

Lead Project Partner: Women in Action in Solidarity Organisation


  1. Landscape and Waste Management Agency
  2. Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (MEECC)
  3. Ministry of Family Affairs (MoFA)


The project is designed to address two issues: the littering of the beaches with seaweed and the provision of compost for home gardens. WASO and other NGOs such as GEMPlus with their project in Perseverance Primary School have developed home gardening projects. There is now a demand for good compost for these gardens. Whilst home organic waste is be used, it is not sufficient. In the meantime, the beaches around Mahé are literally covered with seaweed that is swept up in the mornings by the beach cleaning crews and thrown away. There is scope to use seaweed as a component for composting.

The project beneficiaries will be the vulnerable and disadvantaged women and girls that WASO works with in its business incubator at Providence. These persons will have the opportunity for engaging in an income generating activity that is profitable, meaningful and fulfilling for them, especially as they will be independent operators.

With this project, there will be less seaweed drifts on the beaches around Mahé, especially the east coast. There will be less waste thrown into the landfill as the seaweed swept up are disposed of in communal bins. There will be a greater choice of compost available to households with home gardens. There will be a more circular and sustainable approach to environment protection and livelihoods in Seychelles. The project involves mostly disadvantaged women and girls and will help to alleviate poverty and socioeconomic precariousness in Seychelles. The beaches, being cleaner, will provide a more agreeable environment for the Seychellois and visitors to enjoy. In the end, the project has the possibility of improving the quality of life for the women and girls collecting and composting seaweed, the Seychellois and tourists alike who use the beaches for leisure activities and the tourism establishment owners and employees who can have an enhanced product to market and sell.

SeyCCAT funds: SCR 100, 000

Co-financing: SCR 25, 000

Project Location: Anse Boileau

Duration: 10 months



Investing in Women

Hear the stories from the women benefiting from this initiative.