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Test drive your idea with the Early Feedback Lab.

What is the Early Feedback Lab: Essentially, a group video call! During the session, you will take lead and present your idea to the call participants. They will offer you their constructive feedback and make suggestions on how to make your idea more suitable for BGF financing. How would they know, you ask? They did it! We will invite several successful BGF applicants from previous years to share their knowledge gained from securing a BGF grant. We can also invite an external expert to help. You can bring guests too! Invite a friend or a collaborator for support and exchange of ideas.

The sessions are completely confidential and we will not share any bits of your idea. The Early Feedback Labs are informal and friendly and may last up to 30 minutes. To book one, simply send us a request at info@seyccat.org and we will find a good time for everyone.