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The Seychelles’ Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT) continues its partnership with the private Seychellois business to offer a grant of up to SCR 150,000 to support start-ups and entrepreneurs who advance conservation and sustainability practices in Seychelles.

Up to SCR 150,000 will be awarded to a successful local applicant to establish or develop a sustainable blue business. Unlike other grants offered through the BGF scheme, the Blue Business Grant (BBG) can be used as seed capital to implement a brand-new business idea. The BBG decisions follow a transparent and diligent review process that meets the highest international standards of good conduct. In addition to SCR 150,000 in grant money, the senior management of the partnering business will offer mentorship to the grantee, sharing the business know-how.

Application for the Blue Business Grant follows the medium grants process.