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Seychelles’ NDC News

Seychelles’ Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust is supporting the Government of Seychelles in revising its nationally determined contribution (NDC) with the integration of coastal wetlands, in particular, seagrass meadows into the NDC.

Follow the latest news on the development of Seychelles’ second more ambitious NDC.

Minister Joubert announces blue carbon commitment in Seychelles’ NDC

Leading up to President Biden’s Leaders Summit on Climate and hosted by the Friends of the Ocean and Climate, Minister Flavien Joubert, joined the ” How Ocean-Based Solutions Contribute to Net Zero” event and conveyed Seychelles’ blue carbon commitments in its next NDC. He committed to protecting at least 50% of coastal wetlands by 2025, and 100% by 2030, should international support be provided. 

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Seychelles ratifies the Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement was finalised and agreed in December 2015. To enter into force (i.e. agreement starts to operate), the agreement requires a minimum of 55 countries representing at least 55% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions must ratify the Paris Agreement....

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Seychelles commits to a Blue NDC

On the 14th November 2016 at COP 22, the Seychelles Government alongside 32 other countries adopted the Second Because the Ocean Declaration. Within the Declaration, Seychelles commits to submitting Nationally Determined Contributions that promote, as appropriate,...

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Seychelles secures CAEP support for revised NDC

On the sidelines of the United Nation’s Secretary General’s Climate Action Summit, the NDC Partnership launched the Climate Action Enhancement Package (CAEP) with the objective of raising ambition and building resilience. Through the CAEP, countries are offered...

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More Partners support Seychelles’ climate ambition

Other partners seek to support the Government of Seychelles with enhancing its nationally determined contribution. This is for both mitigation and adaptation. On one hand, for mitigation, the European Commission, through a consultant, will be supporting Seychelles...

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Awareness raising about NDC begins

Few people know the relevance of a nationally determined contribution and what it actually means for them. SeyCCAT engaged a communications consultant to raise awareness about the NDC with a focus on the relevance of seagrass meadows to the NDC. What is an NDC?  Why...

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