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Other partners seek to support the Government of Seychelles with enhancing its nationally determined contribution. This is for both mitigation and adaptation.

On one hand, for mitigation, the European Commission, through a consultant, will be supporting Seychelles with the mitigation section with particular emphasis on the energy sector, as well as supporting the inclusion of the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector.

On the other hand, for adaptation, the World Bank, through a consulting firm, will be supporting the inclusion of the Blue Economy in the adaptation section of Seychelles’ NDC. The Seychelles seagrass mapping project funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts complements this section of the NDC

Bringing this together is a consultant of UNDP responsible for consolidating the input from the various partners and updating the 2015 NDC. The National Climate Change Council (NCCC) will then have the task of final approval prior to the submission of the NDC to the UNFCCC.

A total of 8 partners will be supporting Seychelles with the revision of its NDC. The NDC Partnership has matched the European Commission, World Bank, IRENA and UNDP. Other support emerged from other programmes including from  UNDP climate promise initiative and Pew Charitable Trusts’ coastal wetlands project.