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Since the beginning of 2021, SeyCCAT has grown! We have welcomed three new team members and with more vacancies to be filled before the end of 2021.To introduce our new colleagues, we have asked them to share their professional aspirations and 3 facts about themselves that are true and one that is false. Can you guess which is which?  


Michel Pierre, Blue Grants Coordinator 

What do you hope to contribute in your role at SeyCCAT?

Michel: To promote the vision of SeyCCAT and the funding opportunities to as many stakeholders as possible with more emphasis on people in local communities.

Guess which 3 facts about Michel are true? 

  1. I have 12 years of experience working with the Civil Society in Seychelles
  2. I was involved in two international election observer missions with SADC
  3. I spent three weeks in the United States attending an NGO management course
  4.  I went to Anse Boileau primary school

Thembekile (Thembie) Manjengwa, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

What do you hope to contribute in your role at SeyCCAT?

Thembie: My contribution to the organisation is providing data that is necessary to guide strategic planning, implementation of projects, and reporting of performance and impact.

Guess which 3 facts about Thembie are true? 

  1. I love cooking
  2. I hate traveling
  3. I went to 5 different schools
  4. My pet peeve is standing in a queue

Elke Talma, Projects Coordinator

What do you hope to contribute in your role at SeyCCAT?

Elke: I am a result-driven project manager with over 10 years of experience, committed to environmental conservation and sustainable development, and I am happy to bring my skills and knowledge to SeyCCAT.

Guess which 3 facts about Elke are true? 

  1. I like hiking
  2. I live with 5 dogs
  3. I don’t have twitter
  4. I speak 5 languages
Answers: Michel – point 4 is false; Thembie – point 2 is false; Elke – point 4 is false