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Type: Large

SeyCCAT strategic objective: 5

Lead Project Partner: Wiseoceans

Partners: Global Vision International (GVI) Seychelles

Partner organisations or placement hosts:
Uni Sey James Michel Blue Economy Research Institute (BERI)
Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA)
Seychelles Youth AIMS Hub (SYAH)
Four Seasons Resort Seychelles
Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust  (SeyCCAT)
The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.
The Ocean Project (TOP)


There is increasing emphasis on the Blue Economy and marine conservation sectors in Seychelles, both of which are important to the future of the Seychelles economy and environment. The Seychelles Blue Economy Roadmap (2017-2030) will connect national policies and processes with Seychelles regional and global oceans and sustainable development commitments. To connect these important national level commitments to the Seychelles public and workforce there is a need to increase capacity, interest and employment opportunities in marine sectors for young adult Seychellois.

We propose a nine-month Seychelles Marine Scholarship Programme, particularly aimed at young Seychellois (18-25 years) without higher education training, to increase knowledge of the marine environment and, through skills and expertise developed in a bespoke training programme with specific deliverables, increase opportunities for employment within the marine environment sector.

Within the two-year funding timeframe, we will deliver two nine-month Scholarship Programmes, hosting six participants in each Programme.

A core training programme will be delivered by project partners WiseOceans and GVI with additional partner organisations offering placement opportunities during specific modules of the Programme.

WiseOceans Seychelles and GVI Seychelles are well established local NGOs. Both organisations run existing education and traineeship programmes specifically aimed at young Seychelles nationals, and this proposal will build and expand upon these programmes.

This training programme will offer in-depth practical and theoretical training aimed specifically at gaining skills needed for employment in marine conservation and Blue Economy sectors. Training activities will include international certifications such as PADI scuba diving training and EFR first aid training. Taught skills will comply to best practices, and as far as possible, link to international or national standards and methodologies. For example, coral reef survey training will follow the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network approved method, which is used at a National level by GVI, WiseOceans and SNPA.

Partnering with UniSey, a bespoke training Programme would be created to give participants both the academic and practical skills needed as requirements for entry onto the Environmental Science BSc course, opening this opportunity to successful participants of the training Programme. Through placements we will be offering participants work experience in marine environment and Blue Economy organisations, as well as the opportunity to make valuable connections for future employment.

One of the key partnering organisations for this Programme will be the Seychelles Maritime Academy (SMA). Pre-programme advertising and a presentation of the Programme will be offered to graduating students at SMA. The Programme Manager will liaise to further develop opportunities between the Marine Scholarship Programme and SMA and potentially include a boat handling module delivered by SMA.

This Programme will complement existing short-term training programmes available for younger students such as the WiseOceans Blue Economy Youth Programme, a week-long holiday programme for secondary school students, and SYAH’s Blue Economy Internship Programme, offered to post-secondary students. This programme offers an opportunity for long-term training with key skills development for future Seychellois marine and environmental scientists and professionals.

SeyCCAT funds:   SCR 998, 563

Co-financing:  SCR 809, 701

Duration: 24 months

Project Application Form: WiseOceans- Marine Scholarship Programme

Environment and social management Plan: ESMP-WiseOceans-24.02.2020

News: New Scholarship Programme launched 

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