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Lead Project Partner: Wiseoceans

SeyCCAT strategic objective: 5

Type: Large Grant

SeyCCAT funds:   SCR 998, 563

Co-financing:  SCR 809, 701

Duration: 24 months

Partners: Global Vision International (GVI) Seychelles

Partner organisations or placement hosts:
Uni Sey James Michel Blue Economy Research Institute (BERI)
Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA)
Seychelles Youth AIMS Hub (SYAH)
Four Seasons Resort Seychelles
Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust  (SeyCCAT)
The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.
The Ocean Project (TOP)


The project story: 

Seychelles is a country renowned for its pristine nature, unspoiled marine world, and unique flora and fauna. However, the significance of the country’s natural resources goes beyond its reputation as an exotic island escape and constitutes an essential part of the global biodiversity. 

The Seychelles Blue Economy Roadmap (2017-2030) connects Seychelles’ national policies with the country’s sustainable development commitments on regional and global levels. However, a small country like Seychelles may face challenges in taking meaningful environmental action on an international level due to capacity and capital limitations. To address these challenges, Seychelles needs a motivated and skilled workforce and ample employment opportunities in the strategic blue sectors.

WiseOceans and Global Vision International (GVI) Seychelles, two local NGOs experienced in training and education, developed a nine-month Seychelles Marine Scholarship Programme targeting young Seychellois (18-25 years). The programme offers in-depth practical and theoretical training to build specific skills needed for employment in marine conservation and in the Blue Economy sectors.

The participants of the programme have an opportunity to develop marketable skills that will boost their employment opportunities. The programme includes international certifications such as PADI scuba diving and EFR first aid training, which are in-demand competencies for marine conservation work and in the tourism sector. The instructions follow global best practices and comply with domestic and international industry standards. For example, coral reef survey training, another module offered by the programme, follows the method approved by the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network, which is also used by GVI, WiseOceans and the Seychelles National Parks Authority.

Partnering with the University of Seychelles, the programme offers a tailored education module that equips the participants with the knowledge and practical skills required to enroll in the BSc course in Environmental Science. This approach not only provides a pathway to higher education but sets the participants up for success by easing their transition into university-level studies. Later on, the trainees are offered internship placements in NGO-run projects and partnering organisations to gain work experience and make connections with potential future employers.

Seychelles Maritime Academy (SMA), another key partner, promotes the opportunity to its graduates, amplifying the outreach and helping more young adults access this opportunity. In the future, the programme hopes to extend this partnership and add a boat handling module delivered by SMA.


Project Application Form: WiseOceans- Marine Scholarship Programme

Environment and social management Plan: ESMP-WiseOceans-24.02.2020

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