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Type: Small

SeyCCAT strategic objective: 1

Lead Project Partner: Susan Ansell


International School Seychelles
Wildlife clubs Seychelles
Ephelia hotels
Markus Ultsch-Unrath
Health, Safety & Environment Project Manager

Summary: This is the continuation of an Eco project which is Mangrove Regeneration in the Mont Fleuri wetlands adjacent to the school grounds. This project was instigated by the Wildlife clubs in the school and the funding for the platform was with CRS tax. As an Environment leader in ISS, I have been encouraging students to plant mangroves, and the regeneration of the wetlands has already started.

ISS students are already using the new platform in the mangroves which is situated on the old slipway from the Michaud house to look at wildlife, observe birds and learn about mangroves This is an ongoing educational project which will benefit both the mangrove habitat and the students. We have already developed a mangrove nursery here as they have at Ephelia in the Ramsar wetland, and we are using ideas from Terence Vel at the University of Seychelles and are successfully growing mangrove seeds in and out of the mangrove. Groups of students are now planting these in the wetland to protect our school and the habitats for wildlife. Using the wooden platform and walkway we are encouraging children to identify key species of mangrove and raise awareness about the importance of the mangrove habitat. This walkway would enable us to pass close to the mangroves already existing and to harvest the seeds which would help with the replanting of these mangroves that have been severely damaged during the building of the new road and bridges in the area.

ISPC helped us with the CRS tax for the existing mangrove platform which we built last year and we have a new quotation from the same builders for the walkway. The approximate time for the construction work is 6 weeks so if we could get the walkway constructed we could include many activities in our Environmental Education programme for the new school year in September. It will benefit Seychelles as well as generations of International School children and local schools. ISS joined Eco-School Seychelles this year and this project has been of interest to local schools as well as to our own students in all sections of the school. We hope by focusing on our wetland habitat at Mont Fleuri we will encourage children to think differently about this most threatened habitat. The birds, crabs, rays, mudskippers and wading birds are a constant source of wonder for our pupils both junior and senior and we would be delighted to receive funding for this project. T

SeyCCAT funds:  SCR 95,000

Co-financing: N/A

Duration: 6 weeks, starting March 2021







6 weeks on – how did it go?