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Science-policy connection is a two-way relationship. Science can offer cutting-edge research to help build evidence-based policy, while policymakers set national priorities and areas of interest that guide scientists interested in applying their research findings to real-life challenges. Yet, evidence shows that only a small part of domestic research reaches lawmakers. This is also the case for research projects funded through the Blue Grants Fund. To understand the why-s of this phenomenon, SeyCCAT has invited Seychelles-based and foreign scientists, policymakers and BGF grantees. During the 2-hour virtual event, the participants presented their views of the challenges in connecting science and policy in Seychelles, while international guests shared best practices and their own experiences in integrating research into policy and law-making.


The event opened with a message from Flavien Joubert, Minister of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment:


The event resulted in a proposal to establish an annual forum where policymakers and the research community can share their priorities and identify possibilities for cooperation and joint action.

Read more in the blog by SeyCCAT CEO Angelique Pouponneau and discover the soundbites from the event participants on barriers and international best practices to overcome them.



Best practices