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Friday 15th November, SeyCCAT convened a meeting of organisations providing grants financing in Seychelles. Following three years of grants-making, SeyCCAT felt it was necessary to meet with others with grants making experience to share best practice and lessons learned. It became increasingly obvious that there is a need for capacity-building, in terms of project writing, financial management and monitoring and evaluation for grantees. There are a number of opportunities to work together, that include, sharing information among the different funds to ensure there is no duplication of projects, building and scaling up on efforts. For example, SeyCCAT is able to support aspiring entrepreneurs with research and development but does not provide start-up capital. Such entrepreneurs can seek start-up capital from other partners such as ESA as a grant or DBS for a low-interest loan. 

In the new year, the funds will reconvene to have an information fair to showcase the financing options they provide. Watch this space.


Enterprise Seychelles Agency

Seychelles’ Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust

National Grants Committee

Who can


Aspiring Entrepreneurs/ Entrepreneurs

Government departments,

parastatal organisations, non-governmental organisations, individuals and businesses.

Not-for-profit organisations

What can we fund?

Start-up capital for businesses

Projects, initiatives, and/or research linked to our strategic objectives.

** We do not provide start-up capital

Projects that will benefit the community and society.

How much can we give?

SCR 50, 000

Small grant: Up to SCR 100, 000

Large grant: up to SCR 1 million

Small grant: Up to SCR 200, 000

Large grant: Up to SCR 1 million

Duration of the project

Not applicable

Small grant – Up to 12 months

Large grant – Up to 24 months

12 months