Type: Small

SeyCCAT strategic objective: Trial and nurture business models to secure the sustainable development of the Seychelles Blue Economy

Lead Project Partner: Shahiid Melanie

Partners: Seychelles Investment Board


The SeyCCat Route to Market Survey conducted by Active Group is a project that points towards the fish industry more specifically fish consumption, sustainability and the route to market. The Project will entail the collection of data, which is our main objective. By meeting up with the selected participants it will help us get a chance to discuss the fish consumption and its sustainability and their willingness to buy good food. The gathering of data will also aim to identify wastage in the route to market, and help curb over fishing, tackling the sustainability of this particular sector.

We will aim to get an understanding of the places where the types of fishes are bought, methods that the anglers use, if they have an understanding of overfishing, if they practice sustainable fishing methods and hygienic practices before retailing and gauge their interest in having better ways of getting their catch bought fresh, directly after landing onshore.

The questionnaire will be divided in two category one for the anglers and one for the consumer. This will help gather data of consumption and typical quantities eaten per eating occasion. The questionnaire will be open-ended with a strong focus on pelagic fish, especially the overfishing of tuna.

This will create a database which will get a network started between clients and suppliers and establish a direct delivery route to the market for the local establishments and the residents of the Seychelles. n

There will also be the creation of an app (an online platform) referred to as “Goute” which will help us gather data on an online basis thus benefit the public. The next step is to add a recipe feature to the “Goute” app as a means engagement from the public side where it will create traffic on both the website and the app. The goal of this feature is to save users money while at the same time reducing food wastage and getting its users eating healthier. It is an easy and straightforward feature that anyone can use and enjoy.

SeyCCAT funds:   SCR 98, 300


Duration: October 2019 –  May 2020 

Project Application Form: SeyCCAT-Concept-Note-Routetomarket

Environment and social management plan: None required.