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Type: Large

SeyCCAT strategic objective: 3

Lead Project Partner: Enterprise Seychelles Agency


Dr Andrew Zimbroff (Assistant Professor) the USA

Malshini Senaratne from Seychelles ECO-SOL

Seychelles Fishing Authority,

Blue Economy Department

The Fishers and Boat Owners Association.


Phase 1
Literature Review

ESA team will schedule meetings with ECO-SOL and Dr Zimbroff, to review the past research, reports and literature to extract and collated data generated from research done on the blue economy entrepreneurship ecosystem assessment (SeyCCAT-funded). Additionally, ESA will work with fishermen and boat owners by conducting site visits and surveys to identify blocks preventing the advancement of the blue economy.

Phase 2
Validation of Formalities / Framework Structure

According to data collected from Phase 1, we will proceed with the gathered information and work with a specific group of 15 to 20 MSMEs. We will first start with the urgent requirements that need to be addressed with the existing and potential businesses in the Blue Economy landscape. Dr Zimbroff will use his technical expertise to empower ESA staff to develop on-ground programs to directly target the issues.

Mr Peter Roselie, of the Ideal Training Consultancy, will be providing mentoring services and formulate training within the year 2020 for Managing Blue Economy businesses, emphasising in its financial aspects. We anticipate that he will provide at least four (4) Entrepreneurship development Training to the 15 to 20 MSMEs. We will target the fishermen and the fishermen’s wives to attend the training.

Phase 3
Recruitment and Marketing Strategies

ESA will empower the targeted 15 to 20 to sustain and develop a high working mechanism to effectively do their blue business. Dr Zimbroff will help ESA to collect data and evaluate the effectiveness of the capacity building programs being delivered.


Through close collaboration with our partners, SFA, Blue Economy Department, Dr Zimbroff and Mr Peter Roselie, ESA will develop a step-by-step procedure manual for new and existing businesses in the Blue Economy Department.

Phase 4
Data Collection on the Three Main Islands

By this stage, we will have a clear structure of the data collected. This will help to assist the existing enterprises which fall under the Blue Economy field and the Aquaculture Department. clear work structure and timeline indicated on the Gantt chart.

Phase 5
Planning Workshops and Training

The framework structure for the implementation of the capacity building program will be spread quarterly over the year 2020. ESA will facilitate the platform for our partners to effectively implement the series of informative talks, workshops and short courses to educate the MSMEs. The team of Lecturers to deliver the capacity building programs will comprise of representatives from the Blue Economy Department, SFA, Mr Roselie and the 3-Day Start-up workshop by Dr Zimbroff.

Phase 6
Analysis of Collected Output/Data and Dissemination of Findings/Compilation of Final Reports and Framework

The qualitative data collected from the previous Phases will be analysed to identify the key indicators that will direct the formulation of effective solutions to the issues.

In order to disseminate our findings, we will compile a comprehensive report that will include the way forward, findings identified, all actions are undertaken and recommendations when replicating the future framework capacity building program for the MSMEs and new recruits of ESA team in the year 2021 and 2022. The framework will be amended annually to match the evolving sector.

SeyCCAT funds:  SCR  1, 000, 000


Duration: 12 months

Project Application Form: ESA’s Entrepreneurship Development in the Blue Economy Project

Environmental and Social Management Plan: ESA-ESMP-17.03.2020 and  ESA – Health & Safety Management Plan

** This project has been deferred to January 2021.