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Type: Large

SeyCCAT Strategic Objective: Empower the fisheries sector with robust science and knowhow to improve governance, sustainability, value and market options

Lead Project Partner: John Nevill

Partners: Victoria Computer Services (Pty) Limited, Seychelles Fishing Authority

Summary: The national promotion of the Blue Economy, development of the marine spatial plan and transition to co-management regimes for fisheries all depend on informed stakeholder participation for their success. A key obstacle to effective stakeholder involvement is a lack of ability to identify and access information regarding, the fish species found in our waters and that make up the artisanal fishery. This is further complicated by a diverse and locally varied Creole nomenclature e.g. the Bull shark has at least 3 Creole names, whereas the Creole name “Nennen pwent” encompasses 4 species of shark. The solution proposed is to develop a fish website, free at the point of use, which will enable anyone with internet to access the site and undertake species searches by Scientific (family, genus or species), English, Creole or French names. The proponent has monitored the artisanal fishery catch intensively for 5 years, photographing and identifying over 320 species of fish (teleost and elasmobranch). This information and proprietary images will serve as the collateral to establish the database.

This project seeks to support national initiatives in marine management, research, education, conservation and sustainable use by providing free and ready access to a fish identification website and database bridging a key information gap and thereby enhancing stakeholder participation.

Process: The website will be initiated with pages on over 320 species with information and guidance on key characteristics for identification and information on size, habitat, biology with references and/or links to further data including, where available, fishery and research information pertaining to the Seychelles population(s).

SeyCCAT Funds: SCR 341,500

Co-finance: SCR 258,495

Duration: June 2018 – November 2019.

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