Type: Large

SeyCCAT strategic objective: Support new and existing marine and coastal protected areas and sustainable use zones.

Lead Project Partner: Seychelles Islands Foundation

Partners:  Queen’s College, University of Oxford.

Summary:  Inappropriately disposed waste washed out from landfills, items discarded into rivers and at sea, along with fishing equipment can become marine debris which travel long distances and eventually wash onshore. This marine debris accumulates on the beaches of even the most remote and pristine places, like Aldabra Atoll, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vast quantities of marine debris have been accumulating for years on Aldabra’s shoreline and in recent times this has dramatically accelerated. It is cataclysmically ironic that such an incredible place, inaccessible to most of humanity can be touched by marine debris, which harms this sanctuary’s endemic and endangered wildlife. This ever-growing problem can no longer be left unchecked and appropriate action must be taken to cause meaningful change. As such, the removal of accumulated marine debris is a top priority for SIF. Although Aldarba’s remoteness (1200km away from Mahé) and harsh conditions poses a major logistical challenge and one that exceeds SIF’s conventional financing means, the removal of marine debris from its shores is Aldabra Clean Up Project (ACUP)’s primary action. It is envisioned that Aldabra’s fauna, human visitors, Seychellois community and world population will benefit from the ACUP’s success. Ultimately, ACUP’s overarching outcome will be the cleaning of Aldabra’s shore through an expedition to take place in February – March 2019. The expedition will focus on the southern nest beaches and coastline which are the most affected by marine debris due to their exposure to the South East monsoon winds and inaccessibility. This extraordinary action carried out by a multi-national team will feed currents of change and create waves of actions for improved waste management and reduced plastic pollution throughout the country, unlocking local capacity to think differently of waste by transforming it into a resource. To achieve this outcome the project has five main objectives: (1) fundraising, (2) awareness & education (3) waste removal, (4) research and (5) waste management and processing.

SeyCCAT funds:  SCR 1 Million

Co-financing: SCR 3 116 300.

Duration: January 2019 – June 2020

Project Application Form: Project Application form of SIF

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