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The Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT) is seeking a consultant to develop a comprehensive communications plan, toolkit, and roadmap for SeyCCAT to implement. The specified role is short-term consultancy.

The consultant is expected to design and enable the implementation of effective communications strategies and powerful materials in multiple mediums socialized to local and international stakeholders to promote awareness and knowledge of SeyCCAT’s portfolio of work, enable dynamic partnerships, influence ideas and action, and inform on the accountable processes, results and innovative learning of these integrated partnership funded projects. This communications strategy is to be a comprehensive plan for SeyCCAT, with tools and frameworks that enables SeyCCAT to apply these to all of its current and future projects.

Interested applicants can requested a detailed Terms of Reference for this consultancy by emailing info@seyccat.org with the subject line ‘Consultancy Proposal for SeyCCAT Communications Strategy’.

All submissions must be received by Friday the 25th November 2022, 4.00pm, Seychelles time.