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Type: Small

SeyCCAT strategic objective: Develop and implement risk reduction and social resilience plans to adapt to the effects of climate change.

Lead Project Partner: Sustainability for Seychelles (S4S)

Partners: GCCA+ and EBA project.


Seychelles is extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change Sustainability but a recent capacity needs assessment undertaken by the GCCA+ has revealed that the general public and professionals working in diverse sectors still have a limited understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change and how they can take effective action. Under several previous grants, Sustainability for Seychelles for Seychelles has developed a citizen’s guide to climate change (booklet) in English, intended to be used as a free resource for climate change education and capacity building for a range of audiences including schools.  The booklet focuses on both mitigation and adaptation measures that are already underway in Seychelles, as well as actions that can be taken by citizens, organisations and businesses to address climate change and improve their resilience in the face of inevitable climate change impacts.

A very limited number of copies have already been printed and given to schools or used in other climate change capacity building activities (including workshops run by the GCCA+ and EBA climate change projects) but there is a great demand for the booklets and S4S has run out of copies.  Furthermore S4S has had the content translated into Kreol to allow for greater use among community groups but does not have the finances needed to do the layout and printing of the new Kreol edition.

The proposed project will focus on printing and disseminating the booklets in English and in Kreol, and using them for climate change education and outreach programs run by S4S and other partners.  Based on past print runs, the cost of printing one copy of the guide is anywhere between about SR60-80.

SeyCCAT funds:   SCR 100, 000

Co-financing: SCR 100, 000

Duration: October 2019 – April 2020.

Project Application Form: 1.-SeyCCAT S4S CONCEPT NOTE

MediaS4S launches a creole version of climate change booklet

Creole language guide launched in Seychelles

A citizen’s guide on climate change gives individuals the opportunity to make changes to take climate action.


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