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If you have interacted with Blue Carbon habitats (i.e. Seagrass or Mangrove ecosystems) in Seychelles, either through a social, political, ecological or scientific context, we would greatly appreciate your participation in the following survey.

This Research is part of the new project ‘Roadmap to Blue Carbon opportunities in Seychelles’ between Deakin University and the James Michel Foundation, funded by the Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT). Data will be critical to help put Seychelles at the forefront of international efforts to incorporate coastal carbon within COmitigation strategies.

The online survey consists of 25- 30 questions and should take a maximum of 15 minutes to complete. All responses are anonymous and confidential. Please read the Plain Language Statement (PLS). This study has been approved by Deakin University’s Human Ethics committee (reference number: SEBE-2020-45).

Please help us reach a larger audience! We would greatly appreciate it if you could forward the Survey link and PLS to any other colleagues or stakeholders that might be interested in participating. We require a large and diverse pool of participants to get the best understanding of Seychelles’ Blue Carbon context.