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SeyCCAT strategic objective: 5

Lead Project Partner: SIDS Youth AIMS Hub – Seychelles

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The emerging importance of the ocean has led to many countries seeking innovative methods of conserving the ocean, as well as building capacity geared towards new job opportunities and businesses presented by the Blue Economy (BE).

With Seychelles having pioneered the concept of the Blue Economy and currently the champion for the development of the Blue Economy (BE) in Africa, we must continue to be the global leader in the sustainable development of our ocean economy. As such it is imperative that Seychellois youth are kept at the forefront of this development.

In 2016, the SIDS Youth AIMS Hub (SYAH), a youth-led NGO promoting sustainable development through youth-led projects, launched the ‘Blue Economy Internship Programme’ (BEIP) initiative. This initiative serves to promote sustainable development opportunities for young people in the BE by exposing them to opportunities within the existing framework. BEIP address 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals i.e. SDG 5  (Achieve gender equality and empower women and girls) SDG 8 (Decent work and economic growth) and SDG 14 (Life below water)

The programme enables Seychellois youth aged between 15-30 years old to undertake a two-week internship in different local organizations that fall within the BE sector. As a merit-based programme, BEIP introduces youth from all types of backgrounds to the myriad of career opportunities offered by the BE. The programme is open to youth from Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Ensuring  unbiased and equal access to all youth is fundamental to the programme. Hence all interns are provided with an allowance to cover food and transportation costs throughout the internship.

BEIP creates opportunities to obtain on-the-job experience whilst also raising  awareness about the BE among youth and the wider public. During the entire programme BEIP interns are tasked in keeping a record of their day-to-day experiences and newly acquired knowledge using creative methods such as writing blogs or creating voxpops. These are subsequently published on social media and the SYAH website, helping to sensitise the public on the Blue Economy. The programme also incorporates an entrepreneurial stream whereby participants are encouraged to identify gaps within the sector and conceptualize business opportunities it provides.

Since 2016, SYAH-Seychelles has run 3 editions of the programme. The programme has seen the participation of 85 youth, many of whom have obtained further internship or job opportunities within their host organizations or proceeded for further studies within the BE spectrum. Every year, the programme has seen a substantial increase in the number of applications received (31% and 42% in 2017 and 2018 respectively) as demand and interest grows among the youth.

An increase in organisations volunteering to host interns has also been observed for every edition (2 new host organisations approaching SYAH to join the programme every year). This demonstrates the important value of the BEIP to organisations as well. The organisations that currently host our interns are:

  • Blue Economy Research Institute
  • British High Commission
  • Eden Island Village Management Association
  • Hunt Deltel
  • Indian Ocean Tuna
  • Island Conservation Society
  • Marine Conservation Society Seychelles
  • Seychelles Air Force
  • Seychelles Bureau of Standards
  • Seychelles Coast Guard
  • Seychelles Energy Commission
  • Seychelles Fishing Authority
  • Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration
  • Seychelles Ports Authority
  • Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation
  • WiseOceans

The success of BEIP has led to its endorsement from the Vice-President of Seychelles, as well as, its support from the Commonwealth as an exemplary youth-led initiative to be replicated in other countries.


SeyCCAT funds:   SR 99,697.55

Co-financing: SR 18, 750

Duration: 01/10/2019 – 01/03/2020.

Project Application Form: Coming Soon

Environment and social management Plan: Environmental and Social Management Plan for SeyCCAT_BEIP_4th Submission_Clean_Final

Step 1: Call for Applications

To date, SYAH has received 30 applications in total. Now an evaluation process will take place and assignment of the applicant to the work placement. To read more about what applicants have done in the past, visit:

You can follow the Blue Economy interns on