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We care about gender all year round ! Today we meet Dr Nathalie Bodin from the Seychelles Fishing Authority.

Name: Dr Nathalie Bodin – Fisheries scientist

Nathalie develops and leads research projects that deal with marine conservation and/or fisheries at the Seychelles Fishing Authority.

What is your proudest achievement for the ocean?

The strong relationship and long-term collaboration established between Fisheries/Ocean science and Human Health. Initiated in 2014, studies on the nutritional composition of fish, how it is affected by global changes and how it contributes to Seychellois health are now the concern of many scientists and policy makers.”



Nathalie thinks that more effort must be done in terms of gender equality when it comes to marine scientists. She points particularly to the lack of recognition and difficulties of reaching management positions as the biggest barriers to their advancement; and one that many women are concerned with.

Nathalie actively seeks to advance gender equality in this male-dominated field,

“I try to favour selection of young women when it comes to attachment/internship project. I actively participate in the capacity building of these women students as of colleagues from my institution or others. I share my professional experiences and passion with them and, when appropriate, I tend to encourage them to continue with their studies and/or take responsibilities in their institution.”