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The Blue Grants Fund


In 2015, Seychelles committed to investing US$ 6.6 million in ocean conservation and climate adaptation projects over the next 20 years. In 2017, we launched our first call for proposal with a modest Blue Grants Fund. In 2017, we had US$ 200,000 available to disburse as grants. In 2018, this more than doubled. With the issuance of Seychelles’ sovereign Blue Bond, SeyCCAT was tasked with managing 20% of the US$ 15 million bond. The Blue Grants Fund grew by 3.5 times and as of 2018, SeyCCAT aims to disburse US$ 700,000. Although absorption was slow, we took significant action that made all the difference. As of 2019, we have successfully reached our disbursement goal.


What has the Blue Grants Fund achieved from 2017 – 2019?



Download the Progress Report here.